15 Mistakes that turn away buyers.

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It’s time to put your property on the market and you’re wanting your home to make the best impression possible to potential buyers.  If not done correctly, it’s possible that anything from your gardens to your collection of exotic bird figurines could be turning buyers away.  Real Estate.com have put together a list of the top 15 mistakes that turn off buyers.


1. Poor exterior paint choice

You don’t want to be referred to as ‘the orange and blue house’ by potential buyers.

Consider re-painting your property using more neutral colour scheme to appeal to a wider audience. Look for a good exterior paint which is natural, earthy and popular, this should work well on most styles of Australian property. If re-painting is not an option get a quote for the work so buyers know the cost.

2. Overgrown (or ‘under grown’) yard

An overgrown yard suggests that your whole property is badly maintained and could make a bad first impression.

Try to cut back bushes, tidy your lawn, plant some hardy plants and re-mulch for a fresh clean look. Buyers are busy, most want a yard that is maintenance free. The same goes with an ‘under grown’ yard, your buyer may think there’s a lack of attention to the property if your garden is too sparse and dry.

3. Clutter

Buyers want to see and buy your house and not your things. Even houses that are decorated well can have too much clutter when it’s time to sell. Space sells so box-up your ‘stuff’ and store before listing. Don’t just store it in the garage, you’re selling your garage too.

4. Time warp decor

I know that retro is ‘on trend’ again but not in its original 1970′s form. Swirly carpets, flouncy curtains, peach tinted walls and gold bathware all communicate dated.

If you can, fit new carpets, take down curtains and replace with simple blinds, re-paint walls in modern neutrals and swap out any gold for silver. They’re small changes that can make a huge difference to how your house is perceived and can give a great return on investment.

5. Family photos

Buyers want to imagine themselves living in your house. This is difficult when the current owners, their pets, medals, diplomas and signed footy shirts are staring down at them.

Pack them all away.

To see 10 more tips head on over to real-estate.com.au – 15 Mistakes

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