DIY safety tips

The popularity of shows such as The Block and Renovation Rescue, has had a direct impact on the number of home owners taking on DIY renovation jobs. This is fantastic and we all love a project, but it’s important to remember that there can be hidden dangers in any type of renovation and be aware that the contestants in these shows are assisted by qualified tradesmen and experienced foremen.

So what are some of the problems and dangers that can arise during a DIY renovation? Many older houses in Queensland contain asbestos in walls, roofing and even lino, therefore it is important to remember that asbestos should only be removed and disposed of by professionals. Chemicals needed to clean or strip paint can be toxic in closed spaces, so be sure to always read the directions and use in open areas. Power tools can be dangerous in the hands of unqualified workers and can result in a trip to the hospital if not used with care.

These are just a few of the many potential mishaps DIY renovators face when taking on a project. To ensure you are fully prepared for your DIY adventure, check out this DIY SAFTEY CHECKLIST for a more extensive list of tips and suggestions to get the job done and keep you safe at the same time.