Documents to ensure Rental Application Success.

Competition between rental applicants is strong, therefore as a renter looking for a new home, it is essential that you do everything possible to maximise your chances of securing a property.

Before you begin your rental search it is important that you have the required documents ready to go. You don’t want to miss out on a perfect property through not being prepared and ready to put your application in promptly. The documents you are likely to require are…

1. Identification – This can be in the form of a drivers licence or passport. Photo ID is important to ensure that the agent can be confident of your exact identification.

2. Proof of Employment – Pay slips or bank statements can be used to show proof of income.

3. Rental Ledger – This document is provided by your previous rental agent and shows your payment history from previous rental.

4. References – References are always a good way to show that you are trustworthy and honest. Your references can be from either previous landlords and/or your employer.

5. Cover Letter – Whilst not essential, a cover letter will demonstrate your keenness to secure the property as well as adding a personal touch to your application.

Making sure that you have these documents available before you begin your search will mean you are well prepared and ready, should your next inspection turn out to be the perfect rental property for you. We have a number of Rental properties available in the Sandgate/Brighton area. If you’re interested in an inspection please contact us at or call on 07 3269 0944.

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