How to have a successful move






Nobody likes moving.  It’s time consuming, messy, a LOT of work and if you are fitting it in around work and family life, it can be downright exhausting.  The good news is there are steps you can take to ensure your move is a little less stressful.  Here’s a few to help you out…


You’re moving

Start researching removalists if you will need one and get at least three quotes. Give yourself six weeks lead-up time if possible.

Australia’s removalist industry is unregulated but some operators have formed the Australian Furniture Removals Association, which offers insurance to protect your belongings in transit and encourages high standards of truck, equipment and training.


The more you have to move, the more it will cost you.  Before you begin to pack be sure to de-clutter everything.  Donate clothes and unused items or hold a garage sale.  Collect boxes and pack each room as you go through and dispose of anything you no longer need.

Move in batches

If you are moving locally and your new home is vacant, start moving small items ASAP.

Move soft furnishing and light items yourself.

The day before

Tape drawer and cupboards closed when emptied.

Confirm and Double-check your removalists and/or friends and family helpers are all ready to go.

Check utilities such as electricity, gas and water will be on from day one.  This is an important tip.  You don’t want to be moving into your new home and spending your first night with no lights or hot water.

Moving day

Unplug the refrigerator early to give gases time to settle before it is lifted. Unplug appliances and save time and money by winding each cord up and securing it.

The more you do yourself, the more money saved.

Keep boxes grouped by what room they belong to and ensure they are all labelled to make it easier for unpacking at the other end.

Prioritise rooms required for eating and sleeping.

It’s always helpful for settling in, to unpack the kitchen first.

Make  your beds with sheets, doonas and pillows because when you’re completely exhausted from moving day, it’s a huge relief knowing your bed is there made and waiting for you.

It’s not over yet!


● Check for damage. Items occasionally break, no matter how much care has been taken. But don’t wait too long to check if you are covered by insurance.

● Unpack and flatpack boxes as you go.

● Make your home a ‘home’.  Add some homely touches to make you feel comfortable in your new space.  Your favourite cushions, candle or photos can instantly make you feel at home.