How to prepare your kitchen for sale


Everyone knows the kitchen is the heart of the home.  Its the place where families gather, entertaining is done and memories are made.  So it makes sense that the kitchen is more often than not, the first thing a potential buyer will look at when inspecting your home.  Its important then, to make sure your kitchen shines.  That its welcoming and comfortable as well as looking clean, stylish and functional.  Here’s a few tips to help you prepare your kitchen for sale.

1.  Toss it out

If you haven’t used it in the last 12 months, its broken or it was an unwanted wedding gift from 30 years ago, then its time to throw it out or donate.  You will need the extra cupboard space to store everything that is on your bench tops.  Your bench tops need to look clean and roomy so items like toasters, juicers, cookie jars etc, should be stored away neatly during open inspections.

2.  Clean, clean, clean

No potential buyer want to see a range hood covered in greece and grime, an oven that hasn’t been cleaned in years or a sticky floor.  Clean that kitchen like its never been cleaned before.  A deep clean is necessary to have your kitchen sparkling and leaving the buyer feeling like they could move in and use the space immediately.

3.  Sort out the pantry

Your pantry should look roomy and organised.  Throw out empty and out of date packets and store open items like flour and cereals in containers.  Make sure there is plenty of room on the shelves to give the feel that your pantry is larger than what it may be.

4.  Organisation is the key

Organise everything in your kitchen so that it gives the appearance of being user friendly.  You want the buyer to imagine themselves cooking in your kitchen.  A cramped, cluttered space could  give the impression that the area is not functional.

5.  Decorate

As well as appearing user friendly, you want your kitchen to also look aesthetically good.  Use fresh flowers, lovely wall art and modern accessories to make your kitchen space look amazing.  Try looking in interior design magazines for ideas.  Sometimes all it takes is one or two perfect pieces to make a room shine.

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