Is Auction the right way to sell your home?

Is an Auction the best way to sell your property? Here’s some information to help you decided.

Emotional Appeal

When your property is of a kind that is in high demand. Your home may have unique or special qualities that buyers are prepared to compete for. It may be a particularly beautiful home in a desirable location. An Auction is ideal for taking advantage of the emotional appeal as the home making bidders drive the price higher.

Property Boom

When the property market in your area is booming. When prices are going up in your area, buyers are keen to buy even quite ordinary homes because they’re fearful of missing out and having to pay more next week. This anxiety encourages buyers to bid higher than others.

Auction Popularity

When your home is in an area where auctions are the norm. In some suburbs, if you don’t hold an auction you may risk the perception that there is an issue with your home that makes it unsuitable for sale that way.

Time Frame

When you have to sell your home in a particular time frame. If you have bought another property for instance, or need to sell by a certain time, an auction is ideal. Unless the market is very slow or you insist on an unreasonable price, even if your property passes in on the day, it usually sells within the next week or so, compared to a private treaty sale which can sit on the market for months.

Stress Level

If you find the whole marketing and open for inspection and sale process a chore. Auctions have a specific and intense marketing period, usually around four weeks. If you’re lucky, the stress culminates in ten minutes or less on a specific day and then its all over!

*Information taken from Selling your home for Dummies Karin Derkley, Wiley, $29.95

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