Monday Madness – Real Estate Photos you won’t believe!

We thought we would have a bit of fun and share some real estate photos that are definitely not what we encounter every day.  These images put together by Andy Donaldson, make us ever so grateful for the lovely homes and people of Sandgate and surrounding suburbs that we get to work with.  Tell us which one is your favourite…




Relax, it’s just a really creepy doll with a creepy doll all of its own.

Oh, and a shotgun.

pot plant


Clever. To avoid spoiling the photograph, the current tenant has disguised himself as a large potted plant.


toilet in kitchen


If you’re the sort of person who doesn’t mind defecating in a kitchen, then you probably won’t mind doing it next to a large window either.


What does the fox say? It says “I’m the size of a fully grown man, I can stand upright, and I’m not even 100% sure I’m a fox”.

See more images here  Terrible Real Estate Agent Photographs

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