Rented home for sale!



Its the concern of most renters… news that your rented home is for sale.  What now?  Although this is a time of uncertainty and upheaval, its also an opportunity to make the best of the situation and work with your landlord.  Who know, your actions may work in your favour.  Here’s a few things you can do to make the process easier for all involved.

1.   Get organised.  Use this opportunity to clear out the clutter and tidy the home.  Its essential that  the property is kept neat and presentable, so why not have a clean out?  The less clutter there is, the more tidy your home will appear. This also includes the yard.  Disposing of unwanted items will mean you have less to move when the time comes.

2.  Communicate with the landlord and real estate agent and use your diary to make note of all open home and inspection dates.  If the open home is early in the morning, tidy up the night before and set your alarm so you have time to get up early and prepare.

3.  Ask questions.  Don’t sit back and worry or get upset over what may happen.  Gain a clear understanding of where you stand and how long you have to find a new place once your current home is sold.  Be cooperative and you may find that your current landlord will provide you with good references.  Who knows, the new owner may even want to continue your lease if you show you are a valuable tenant.

4.  Be prepared.  Its impossible to predict how long a home will take to sell.  Start looking at rental properties and preparing all the information needed to fill out rental applications.  Don’t leave it until the last minute.

5.  Have a positive attitude and consider this an opportunity for new beginnings.  It doesn’t have to be a stressful or upsetting experience.

Follow these tips for a smooth transition during the sale of your rented home.

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