Renting With Pets

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Millions of us rent and millions of us are pet owners. But the two aren’t always compatible.

If you’re one of those renting pet owners, here’s some tips to help you find a friendly property and negotiate with your property manager about any additional furry tenants.

1. Ask!

Many people don’t take this obvious step, particularly if a property isn’t listed as pets allowed. Insights from our 2014 Tenants and Sharers report revealed that those tenants who ask, and are prepared to make an extra effort, are more likely to get a favourable outcome. So don’t be discouraged – and ask the question (just remember to respect the answer).

2. Offer more rent

Tenants offering more rent to cover furry flatmates found that landlords and property managers were more amenable to a compromise. So if a few extra dollars is possible for you and means you can have that all important extra roomie, make that clear to your property manager and sweeten the deal.

3. Prepare pet references

It’s not unreasonable for a landlord to seek assurances that every inhabitant of their property will treat it with due care. While we can’t have pets sign on the dotted line, we can give enough details and context about our pets that a property manager can feel confident about renting to you.

Create a pet reference that includes the pet’s age, temperament, the fact that they’re up to date with vaccinations, that they’re microchipped, desexed, and so on. You may also want to include character references for your pet from a previous property manager, vet or anyone who can credibly speak to your pets behaviour and be contacted to confirm.

4. Keep thorough records

Retain vaccination certificates, vet receipts and other pet paperwork, so you can easily produce them if required. You can also share these with your property manager regularly to give them peace of mind about your pets health and status. Making the effort will remind them you’re a caring renter and pet owner.

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