Selling your home in Winter

We don’t all have the luxury of waiting for the warmer months, traditionally known as the best time to sell your home. Sometimes circumstances mean that a sale must happen in the Winter months when daylight hours are shorter, the lawn is brown and it’s too cold for people to be out and about. There are ways to sell your home in these less appealing conditions and below we have listed steps you can take to raise potential buyers interests.

1. Warm Up Your Home.

If you are having an open house in Winter, make sure your home feels warm, comfortable and welcoming. If buyers are cold or not comfortable, they won’t stay long enough to take a proper look. Make your home a welcome relief from the cold weather outside.

2. Use natural light to your advantage.

Try and hold your inspections during the warmest high-daylight hours. Avoid early morning and late afternoon open house times. Have curtains and blinds open to allow as much natural light and warm sunlight in as possible.

3. Wash the windows.

Dirty windows are more prominent in the Winter light. Make sure your windows and window sills are clean and dust free. Grimey windows may lead potential buyers to believe the home has not been well maintained.

4. Decorate for the season.

Make your home look appealing by setting a comfortable cozy scene. Use throw rugs and comforters in a stylish way to make your home look like a refuge from the cooler weather.

5. A nice Aroma is essential.

Houses can smell stuffy and musty during the Winter months. Prepare your home to smell great during an open house inspection by burning a cinnamon or vanilla scented candle, bake some cookies or bread, or even brew some coffee. All these scents are comforting to potential buyers and are much more welcoming than pet smells, cigarette smoke or dampness.

6. Consider your local area,

Some areas have attractions or events that could be seen as positive selling points during the Winter months. Research your area, find the positives and use them to your advantage when selling your home in Winter.

Follow these simple steps and you could find yourself with a successful sale even when the weather isn’t so favourable.

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