Signs that it’s the right time to sell



Are you getting itchy feet?  Is the idea of something new becoming more and more appealing?  Here are some obvious signs that it might be time to get yourself an agent and get that home of yours on the market!

1.  You’ve outgrown your home or your home has outgrown you.  Too many kids and not enough room or the kids have left home and you’re left with empty rooms and more space than you know what to do with.  Our lives change and evolve, and with them so do our living requirements.  A home that was suitable 10 years ago may not suit your lifestyle now.   These could be signs that it’s time to move on.

2.  You have the finances.  Change can cost money and it’s important to make sure you have the finances to make a move to a new home.  You may sell your current home before securing a new one. Or perhaps you’re starting from scratch and building, which takes time.  You might need to rent while all this is happening and should be confident that you have the finances behind you to ensure a successful, stress free transition to your new home.

3.  Renovating is not an appealing option to you.  The idea of making changes to your current home to make it “fit” just aren’t an option for you. Perhaps you no longer have a connection to your property and no amount of improvement is going to make it feel like a home you want to live in for a long period of time.  It’s time for a new environment to ensure your happiness.

4.  Your suburb is becoming popular with buyers.  Properties are selling quickly and your neighbours are getting asking price.  Now is the time to sell while you’re living in a hot zone.  Don’t wait for interest to disappear and buyers to move onto the next booming suburb.  If you really feel like now is the right time, then place your home on the market while its  hot.

Change is natural and although the idea of buying a new home and moving can be daunting, it can be an exciting and happy experience as long as you are prepared and confident in your decision to sell.

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