Spring Cleaning Tips



Spring has sprung and that can only mean one thing… Its time to Spring Clean, declutter and freshen up your home for the warmer months.  Spring cleaning is not only a great idea for those people considering putting their house on the market over the peak period, but done annually, it will also help you maintain a clean and clutter free environment throughout the rest of the year.  Here are some tips for a successful Spring clean.

1.  Clean Windows – Nothing says Spring like sparkling clean windows!  Use mild detergent and newspaper to clean away the dust and mould of winter and let that sun shine in.

2.  Clean out your wardrobe – Throw out or donate clothes that no longer fit or haven’t been worn for some time.  Go through shoes and accessories and do the same.

3.  Dust light bulbs and ceiling fans – Its surprising how much dust can accumulate over the winter months.  Use a soft cloth to gently dust light bulbs and fittings.  Ceiling fans can be wiped down with a damp cloth to ensure the dust doesn’t spread.

4.  Update your bedlinen – Replacing your winter quilt with Spring coloured bed linen is the quickest and easiest way to freshen up your bedroom.  Use pastels or bright colours to really make an impact.

5.  Have your carpets and rugs cleaned – Carpets can hold all kinds of odours from pets and spills. Organise to have your carpets cleaned while the weather is warmer and your house can be opened up to let the air flow through.  A deep clean will take you through until next Spring.

6.  Replace Batteries – Use Spring as a reminder to replace the batteries in your smoke detector.  Do them again in Autumn to ensure they are being replace every six months as recommended.

7.  Indoor Plants – Fertilise your indoor plants to keep them healthy and lush.  Give them a good water and clean their leave of any dust that may have collected over Winter.

8. Clean out the pantry – Check all used by dates and throw out old food and cooking ingredients.  Organise containers so they are labelled and easy to get to.

9. Bathroom clean out –  Clear your bathroom cupboard of half used cakes of soap, empty shampoo bottles and out of date medicines.  Spring is also a great time to refresh your make up drawer.  Items like mascara and lipstick should be replaced after a certain period of time for hygiene reasons.

10.  The junk drawer – We all have one and at times it gets totally out of control.  Clean out that junk drawer for Spring!  Be ruthless and throw out anything you haven’t used or thought about in the last 6 months.

Follow these Spring cleaning tips and you will soon be enjoying a clutter free home!

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