Turn your home Green.

Green living does require planning and effort but once you have your home set up to be energy efficient and earth friendly, you’ll find yourself feeling good about and enjoying your green lifestyle. So what simple steps can you take to turn your home green?

1. Make sure that you use only energy efficient bulbs in light fittings and lamps. Also check that your electrical appliances such as washing machines and fridges are energy efficient. Older appliances can use a LOT of electricity so it might be time to replace that ancient fridge!

2. Install solar panels. There is an initial expense but you will get your money back purely through the savings on your electricity bill. There are many companies offering incentives and payment plans so do your research and find a deal that works best for you.

3. Where possible try to avoid using artificial heating or cooling and if you must use them, choose your times wisely. Don’t run your reverse cycle when there’s nobody home and keep the temperature steady. Close doors and windows and don’t run heating/cooling systems for hours at a time. Another good way to keep your home warm in Winter and cool in Summer is insulation. Having your home insulated will reduce the need for cooling and heating appliances.

4. When looking at new flooring options, choose bamboo flooring. It’s comparable to wood flooring but grows quicker than wood and is therefore a renewable resource. Bamboo flooring now comes in a large variety of colours and textures.

5. Save water. Install rainwater tanks and replace your old toilet with a new low flow option. Also be sure to check all taps for leaks and drips.

6. Green up your garden with compost instead of fertilisers and use native plants where possible.

7. Recycle. You would be surprised what can be achieved purely through recycling of goods. Give some thought to what goes into your garbage bin and where possible try to reuse, reclaim and recycle.

Follow even one of these steps and you’re on your way to a Green home and a healthy, happier environment.

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